Timeless Vacchetta Leather Bags and Accessories by Wanny for Il Bisonte

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Il Bisonte's vacchetta leather bags are designed to be elegant and timeless. Their signature minimalist design brings out the quality of the exquisite vegetable-tanned Tuscan leather - and you can be sure that the leather will grow even more beautiful with age!

*Please note: We are unable to ship any Il Bisonte product to Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, or Taiwan.

BADALLA - Drawstring Leather Bucket Bag in Black
On Sale! $530.00 $225.00
BADIA - Striped Leather Pochette in Natural
On Sale! $610.00 $225.00
BRUNO - Leather Credit Card Holder in Natural
On Sale! $60.00 $39.00
CAMAIORE - Collapsible Canvas Travel Bag in Dark Khaki
On Sale! $360.00 $149.00
CANDY - Goatskin Shoulder Bag in Natural
On Sale! $750.00 $249.00
CORELLI - Small Leather Messenger Bag in Vintage Natural
On Sale! $635.00 $265.00
On Sale! $265.00 $165.00
On Sale! $105.00 $65.00
GIACOMO - Leather Chain Wallet in Brown
On Sale! $265.00 $150.00
GIANELLA in Natural
On Sale! $515.00 $220.00
GIANNA - Red Cotton Canvas Cosmetic Case
On Sale! $115.00 $49.00
GIPSY - Woman's Clutch in Suede, Red
On Sale! $50.00 $29.00
GRECO Il Bisonte Leather Card Case (Natural is sold out)
On Sale! $90.00 $38.00
LINO - Clochette Leather Key Bell in Natural
On Sale! $130.00 $62.00
On Sale! $335.00 $165.00
MANETTO Il Bisonte Compact Leather Key Case in Natural
On Sale! $55.00 $32.00
MANNA - Womens Hobo in Vintage Chestnut Brown
On Sale! $655.00 $245.00
MARCELLI - Leather Briefcase Messenger in Espresso
On Sale! $870.00 $298.00
MARCELLO - Cowhide Leather Messenger Bag in Vintage Chocolate Brown
On Sale! $680.00 $255.00
MIRO Nylon Wallet in Black
On Sale! $290.00 $118.00
NANNINI - 2-Compartment Leather Pochette in Lemon
On Sale! $445.00 $190.00
PERUZZI - Il Bisonte Nylon Messenger in Black
On Sale! $398.00 $198.00
PRATOLINO - Mini Leather Boston Bag in Red
On Sale! $515.00 $245.00
RINA - Compact Leather Trifold Wallet in Caramel
On Sale! $250.00 $128.00
ROSINA - Il Bisonte Mirror Bag Charm
On Sale! $40.00 $29.00
SALINA - Small Leather Crossbody Bag in Natural
On Sale! $380.00 $175.00
Clay (left) and Grigio (right)
On Sale! $37.00 $31.00
SARTORI Leather Handbag in Chestnut Brown
On Sale! $750.00 $340.00
SIRONI Small Binocular Bag in Metallic Bronze
On Sale! $435.00 $129.00
TOSCA - Cowhide Leather Bifold Wallet in Natural
On Sale! $100.00 $59.00
VIVIANI Crossbody Bag in Lemon
On Sale! $515.00 $210.00