HOOKED ON LOVE - Heart Shaped Wall Hook

Size: Exterior: Approx. 3.5"H x 5.25"W x 1.25"D
(Item: IT-AN-HD1154)

A heart with wings most commonly symbolizes love and freedom. But when you add a hook to the equation what do you get? A love that got you hooked? A keeper? The one that won't get away?

This handmade winged heart wall hook is delightful and it expresses love in a most beautiful way. The heart is handsomely shaped and shiny, and the gold wings are precious. Then, the fact that it also performs a useful duty, hints that the love in question is practical and committed. Wow, that's a promise!

The heart has a hole in the back designed to let it hang from a screw in the wall. There is also a piece of double-side tape to fix the position of the heart at the desired angle.

  • Hand made and painted in Italy
  • One nail with a head that fits through hole in the back of the heart included
  • Double-sided tape already attached to the back of the heart
  • Antartidee hand made sticker on the back

HOOKED ON LOVE - When we looked at the heart-shaped wall hook we were hooked.

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