About Gianni

From the Boot Tip to your Pocket

Gianni lives and works near Messina, a port city in the north-eastern tip of the island of Sicily - close to the "boot tip" of Italy. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, but for those of us who are less geographically-inclined, just remember that it is where the sweet, creamy pastry dessert called "cannoli" was invented centuries ago!

Vacchetta Leather and Ancient Methods

The leather used in Gianni's products is Tuscan leather called "vacchetta". The ancient leather tanning process dates back to the ninth century, and involves natural trunk and bark extracts of such trees as chestnut and mimosa. The end result is beautiful leather that can be recognized by their typical wrinkles and imperfections, and of course, that wonderful and unmistakable smell of vegetable-tanned leather!

Gianni is an avid researcher of the traditional crafting and finishing methods used by the old Sicilian saddlers many centuries ago. His research led to the rediscovery of the ancient hand-sewn stitches called "passi" and other techniques that were on their way to extinction. Therefore, it is the traditional leather tanning crafting methods fused with Gianni's exquisite and innovative designs that make these creations truly unique and valuable.

Dreaming of Leather Accessories ...

Gianni has been dreaming up these leather accessory designs since 1981, and when he began it was just him and a partner. Now, over thirty years later, he works with a team of highly skilled leather craftsmen who are dedicated to putting forth the highest standard of "Handmade in Italy" into each item produced.

His leather products range from unique key chains and leather journals to classy coin purses and CD cases. Gianni's leather accessories are well-received as truly thoughtful and distinctive birthday and special-occasion gifts. They are also a great way to reward yourself, as they exude a touch of unmistakable class that immediately become a trait of their owners.

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Gianni and Pina at MACEF
Gianni by the sea
Gianni cellulotti
Gianni cookie cutter
Gianni handmade shoe
Gianni MACEF Booth
Gianni with Daniele
Gianni working
La Cuoieria YouTube video Part 1 of 3
Gianni's video, Part 1 of 3
La Cuoieria youtube video Part 2 of 3
Gianni's video, part 2 of 3
La Cuoieria youtube video Part 3 of 3
Gianni's video, part 3 of 3