GOTO SBRUFFO Murano Glass Tumbler

Size: Approx. 4"H X 3 3/8"W X 3 3/8"D
The Sbruffo style of Murano glass employs a technique that involves applying an extra layer of colored glass randomly as the item is turning. The additional layer appears to be brushed onto the item and it adds texture and beauty to the item, making it even more unique.
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(Item: IT-IR-SBG)

Famous tumbler used by glass makers in Murano. Considering how hot it gets next to the furnace, these get a lot of use especially during summer. In Venetian dialect they are called Goto de Fornasa, hence the name. Sbruffo is the name given to the style where layers of colored glass are wrapped around the item.

Please note that no two tumblers will be exactly alike in shape and color -any variance in height, diameter, color, murrine patterns, etc., should be celebrated as proof of authentic craftsmanship.

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Customer Reviews

imperio rossi tumbler

- By Craig, san pedro CA
when one buys an item online the actual item may be quite different. I was smitten with the picture of this glass but the particular example I received was a globular mess. I hope to sell it on ebay. the company and service were fine.