GOTO ARGENTO Murano Glass Tumbler

Size: Approx. 4 1/8"H X 3 1/8"W X 3 1/8"D
Hand-blow Murano glass with silver leaf, murrina pieces, and colored glass pieces melted with it. These pieces look precious and very unique.
(Item: IT-IR-SVG)

The Goto Argento is a famous tumbler used by glass makers in Murano. Considering how hot it gets next to the furnace, these get a lot of use especially during summer. In Venetian dialect they are called Goto de Fornasa, hence the name. Argento means silver: it is part of the name given to the style because a leaf of silver is incorporated in the product and is very noticeable.

By varying the color of the inner layer of glass and the color of the colored glass picked up for decoration, the artisans create a multitude a different variations that make every piece extremely unique. As you touch one of these tumblers, you can feel the murrina and the colored glass pieces. You fingers will naturally find their way into the dimples that Maestro Imperio created to make holding one of these tumblers a personal experience. Gazing at your tumbler might make you say: "Wow! This is amazing!"

Customer Reviews

Love it

- By Inna, Pittsburgh PA
Beautiful artistic peace