Here are some FAQs (frequently-asked questions), or things that we apparently need to do a better job of explaining to our customers!


Where are you located?

We answer phones, do quality control, warehouse our inventory, take photos of our products, ship your orders, and occasionally nap out of our humble office in Campbell, California, in the United States.

Do you have a wholesale program?

We do offer volume-based discounts, regardless of whether you are a wholesaler or an end-user. But please note that we are primarily a retailer ... our prices do not include huge mark-ups to accommodate substantial discounts. With this in mind, if you are still interested in placing a volume order, please contact us with the product line(s) you are interested in, and approximate volume, and we'd be happy to discuss any opportunities with you.

Is it possible to see some more photos of an item?

So glad you asked, because the answer is: yes! We are constantly in catch-up mode when it comes to posting photos of our products, so if there is a missing photo that you think should be there, please let us know, and we'll get right on it. Our staff with a combined zero years of modeling experience will even model a bag for you too, if that helps. No glam shots here, just a regular guy/gal with a bag to help you get a feel for the size and shape of the bag.

Shopping and Ordering

Are there discounts available?

Aside from large quantity-based discounts (if you're buying 50 wallets or 100 keychains, for example), we generally don't offer discounts. This is because we strongly believe that each customer deserves a fair price, which drives us to offer the best price possible everyday to everyone. However, we do occasionally include special offer codes in our (quarterly, give or take) e-newsletters. To sign up, simply enter your email address in the upper right hand corner of the Marcopoloni website and click "Sign Up!".

Shipping and Delivery

I've placed my order. When will it ship?

We make every effort to ship all orders received by midnight Pacific Time (UTC-8 or UTC-7) by the following business day. Often times, we are even able to ship orders received in the morning on the same day as well. However, there are some circumstances that could potentially delay the shipment of your order. Examples would include: shipping address unverifiable with the US Postal Service database, billing and shipping addresses do not match, and special requests. To avoid delays, please make sure to include a fully verifiable address, and a phone number and email where we can reach you promptly. We also recommend shipping to the same address on file with your credit card company, especially for higher-value orders.

If I select Free Standard Shipping, when will my order arrive?

Depending on where you are in the country, it should take 1 to 6 business days for you to receive your order. But remember, this is not a guaranteed service - it will get there when it gets there! So if you need your order by a certain date, please take advantage of one of our date certain delivery options such as USPS Express Mail or FedEx. Please see our Shipping Policies page for details.

International Orders

How much will shipping cost?

If you are ordering just one item, you will be able to get real-time shipping quotes from the US Postal Service and FedEx using our shopping cart. To see your quotes, simply follow these steps:

  1. Add the item to your shopping cart
  2. Click on "View Cart" to go to your shopping cart
  3. Click on "Change Shipping Option"
  4. Select the destination country, enter the postal code, and click on "Get Quotes"

If you have more than one item in your shopping cart, we will have to manually calculate the shipping rates for you. We do this because we want to use our brains to get you the best shipping rates and save you as much money as possible! In this case, you will be presented with a "TBD (To Be Determined)" shipping option. You can either continue the checkout process by selecting this TBD option, in which case we will contact you with your shipping options, or you can request the quotes to be emailed to you before you finalize your order.

Will I have to pay duties/taxes on my order?

It depends. Each country collects duties/taxes according to its own laws, so whether you will need to pay duties/taxes and how much will depend on your country, the classification of items you're ordering, and the values of the items. We'd be happy to estimate the duties/taxes for your order, and if you select one of the FedEx International options, you can even choose to prepay these amounts to avoid the hassle when you receive the goods. Please contact us for more details.


Do you have any specials on Campomaggis?

If you are looking for older Campomaggi bags and accessories, please check out our Classics where we list timeless Campomaggi pieces at great prices, and the Campomaggi Clearance page where you can find some amazing deals on past-season models. You can also sign up for Emi's Campomaggi Report and get in on some exclusive offers, too!

I'm looking for a specific Campomaggi bag. Do you carry it? If not, can you order it?

We've been selling and adoring Campomaggi bags for years now, so chances are, if you can show us a photo, we can find it. We have one of the largest selections of Campomaggi bags in the world, but if we do not carry that item, we may be able to order it for you. We hesitate to say this, because there are many factors and obstacles involved - but it won't hurt to ask!

When will the Lighter/Darker/Multi-Toned version of a particular color be back in stock?

Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing if or when we will get a bag in a Lighter/Darker/Multi-toned color. While we may have, say, ten cognac bags on order, some may turn out lighter while others turn out darker, and we may even be lucky enough to get a multi-toned one in the batch. This is what makes Campomaggi bags truly one of a kind! No two bags ever come out exactly the same.

Do you have leather Campomaggi straps available for sale?

Yes, we do! We have the following types of leather straps available for sale:

  • 1.8" wide straps with slider adjustor and spring-loaded clasps on both ends
  • 5/8" wide straps with belt-buckle style adjustor and spring-loaded clasps on both ends
  • 1.25" wide straps with slider adjustor, no clasps attached
  • Leather shoulder pads to attach onto your existing strap

We also offer a special upgrade price if you buy it as an upgrade along with a compatible bag. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a Campomaggi leather strap.

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