DOLCI - Studded Mini Bauletto

Weight: 2 lbs. (0,91 Kg.)
Size: Exterior: Approx. 6"H x 9"W x 6"D
Interior (main compartment only): Approx. 6"H x 5"W x 6"D

Marco Campomaggi's bags boast a style that is rugged-chic, and possess a distinctly artisanal look and feel.

His bags undergo a unique manufacturing process, where each bag is washed and dyed in its entirety after all the parts are put together - straps, lining and all. This technique (patented by Marco's Campomaggi brand) not only gives Marco's bags their vintage, weathered look, but also makes each single piece really a one-of-a-kind work of art.

The leather used is 100% Italian full-grain leather - the finest quality - and the more you wear it, the more charm and personality it acquires. The fabrics and straps are all made of 100% environmentally-friendly cotton, adding to the timelessness of Marco's bags.

Everything about Campomaggi bags exude character - from the uniquely-dyed leather and the distressed hardware to the confident designs that invite you to "come see what I'm made of".

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We have been using, admiring, selling, and repairing Campomaggi bags for many years, and have helped thousands of fellow Campomaggi fans. Many shops have jumped on the bandwagon since then, carrying a handful of Campomaggi bags ... but do they know Campomaggi like we do? We think not!

We are an authorized U.S. Campomaggi service center.

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No Surprises, EVER.

As you may know, Campomaggi bags are truly one-of-a-kind works of art. No two are ever the same, and each item has its own unique characteristics. How disappointed will you be when you buy a Campomaggi based on a photo and receive something that looks significantly different? When you shop at Marcopoloni, you get to choose the exact Campomaggi item that you will receive (if individual photos are not already posted, please ask). Do you prefer one with tons of character, or one that has less variations in tonality? You decide.

Friendly Service

At Marcopoloni, we strive to treat each customer like an old friend. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to ask. We are here not just to "make a sale", but to help you find the Campomaggi bag or accessory that is right for YOU, one that you will be truly happy with!

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MSRP: $548.00 Your Price: $468.00
(Item: IT-CM-RC60)
Please note:
Distressed Vinaccia is SOLD OUT.

Don't let its small size fool you ... this mini bauletto is overflowing with gorgeous studs, personality, and confidence. It has one main easy-to-access compartment: simply pull on the U-shaped zipper pull - with studs all around, of course - to open the parallel set of zippers.

Please note that the PATENTED TREATMENT these bags go through guarantees that no two bags are exactly alike. Because each "skin" is unique in the way it absorbs color, stretches and shrinks, each finished bag is distinct in its color, tonality, and texture. The resulting shape and size may also vary slightly.

  • Handmade in Italy with 100% full-grain Italian leather.
  • One cotton-lined main compartment with a wide double-zipper opening and U-shaped studded zipper pull (creates a roughly 5" x 3" opening)
  • One interior accessory pocket
  • Two large side pockets with gorgeous stud detailing (measures approx. 5"x5"x1.5" each) and studded zipper pulls
  • Double rolled-leather carry handles
  • Adjustable (51"-60") and removable leather strap
  • Campomaggi logo badge on the back and interior

Carlo Dolci - a Baroque painter whose work was painstakingly deliberate in style, and mostly religious in nature.

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Customer Reviews

Beautiful bag!

- By Wendy, Huntington Beach CA
The cognac color is gorgeous and the quality of this bag is amazing! Everything about this bag is perfect.... I will recommend marcopoloni handbags to everyone. I received the bag within 2 days of placing my order. Thank you to Emi for the wonderful service!

Amazing little bag!

- By Jennifer, Fort Myers FL
This is such a perfect little bag! It's so easy to carry, and beautifully rugged. Everyone is always surprised by how much I pull out of this baby when I carry it! It always gets compliments, and smells oh soooo good! :0)

Studded Mini Bauletto

- By Susanne, Kelowna CA
This beautiful little purse has definitely caught the attention of my friends. I have received many compliments already. The colour and quality of the leather is exactly what I had looked for. It has that authentic vintage look to it and yet it is very timeless. The bag could be a little bit bigger just to be able to get a regular size wallet into it. Mine fits but not without a little friction. Other than that I absolutely love it and will use it for many years to come.

Awesome Bag

- By Laura, Highlands Ranch CO
absolutely love this little bag. the size is small but its holds everything I need! Very happy with the unique style and design. I truly feel like I have an Italian handbag.

Review for Dolci

- By Angela, London GB
Just wanted to thank you for my gorgeous Campomaggi Mini Bauletto bag which arrived on Friday. It's absolutely gorgeous and the first small bag I've ever owned (being more of a ginormous let me cart my entire worldly possessions around London sort of girl) and I love it. It arrived swiftly and safely and I was able to track my little treasure every step of the way. Many thanks and I shall definitely be ordering from you again.

Dolci Review

- By Nureen, Melbourne AU
If you are looking for an ideal everyday handbag and a handbag to travel with - this is the ONE. The Mini Bauletto started its journey from Australia, travelling to Singapore, Germany, Portugal, Spain ...... it was the perfect travel companion! The central compartment is suitably sized for holding passport, purse and money securely. The side compartments held makeup, contact lense case and numerous other items as well. Its compact size made it ideal to store easily on the plane, either under seat or in inner seat storage. The shoulder strap was perfect for times when I needed my hands free and yet needed to know that my bag was closely attached to me. I have received numerous compliments from friends about this bag. My boyfriend - LOVES this bag - and he has never made a comment about any of my handbags before. Lol, he has even offered to carry it for me.

The cutest bag of them all.

- By Sery, Vancouver CA
This has got to be the cutest of all the cute bags out there. I get lots of compliments on it. Perfect size to wear on weekends & evenings out. Can be worn as a handbag or crossbody. The strap is adjustable & long enough to accommodate different lengths. The quality & workmanship are superb like all Campomaggi bags and consistent across the board. The distressed leather is buttery soft. I love the studded details on both sides of the bag. Though the studs add weight to the bag it is not an issue for me. The zippers run as smooth as silk inside or outside the bag. Again this is consistent among all Campomaggi bags that I own. This bag has 3 compartments - the main compartment in the middle and one on each side. I was able to put 2 eyeglass cases, a french wallet, an iPhone and there is still room of small things like lipstick, etc. The side compartments have room for compact mirror, keys, etc and my iPhone fits either vertically or horizontally. I have no regrets buying this bag.