CUORICIONE - Heart Wall Hook

Weight: 6 oz. (170 g.)
Size: 2.5"H x 2.5"W x 2.25"D
Antatidee takes inspiration from Salvador Dali, the famous surrealist painter, but they also showcase their keen sense of humor in their fun, unique, and whimsical wall hooks, clocks, eyeglass stands and more. From Dali-inspired melting wall clocks to banana-shaped hangers and dripping shelves, these decorative accessories must be seen to be believed.
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(Item: IT-AN-HD1207)

Maybe the association between hearts and love has been overdone. Maybe when we see hearts around Valentine's Day we think that it must be yet another marketing message. But this little/big heart has at least three qualities that make it stand out and endearing.

First, it is enduring. Unlike candy and chocolate it is not gone after a few minutes and ready to be forgotten. The Cuoricione heart wall hook will last for many years!

Second, it is palpable. Some hearts are digital, some are drawn on paper, but this heart is three-dimensional. You can feel it any time you want or any time you need--it has a way to make its presence felt.

And third, it is helpful. Once hung, the Cuoricione only wants to help you, like a loving pet that only wants to spend time with you. This is the part that surprised me. I have two kids who like to leave stuff everywhere. With these heart hooks on the wall, they have a place to hang their backpack after school, or their coat, and have become more responsible for their belongings... I love that!

  • Handmade in Italy of resin
  • Engraved Antartidee logo
  • Built-in screw, with plastic wall anchor included
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