MP Staff Review: COLOMBO Italian Leather Cross-body Navigator Bag

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by Daniel Graziani

Until that fateful day I always refused to carry any bag smaller than my 30" suitcase because I did not want to be seen carrying a man purse, a murse, man-bag, or whatever people call those things. When I walked into Campomaggi’s shop, I finally found what had eluded me for several years: a small, every-day bag that exudes so much confidence that I actually wouldn't mind being caught dead wearing it.

Marco Campomaggi is a designer that uses the finest full-grain Italian leather, solid hardware, and eco-friendly cotton to express his creations. The patented process of dying and distressing not just the leather but the completed bag, gives each of these bags a look that is genuine to the bone. Leather treated this way paired with the design and hardware result in a very rugged look that is also very elegant. That is why we call Campomaggi’s products “rugged-chic”.

The Colombo is the small cross-body bag that has enabled me to overcome my fear of "man bags". I now look forward to sharing many experiences with this bag. Perhaps someday each one of its scratches and wrinkles will have its own story to tell.