Bryan and Luke

About Bryan and Luke

In Pursuit of the Perfect Recipe

As a reseller of high quality leather goods, we are often asked what leather care products we recommend. We have always been reluctant to recommend any specific product, even if we personally used it, because we never knew what goes into these products. Until now ...!

Enter father-and-son team Bryan and Luke Hossner of DropForge Leather Care. They were on a mission to produce the best leather care products using only locally-sourced ingredients. Leveraging over a quarter century of combined experience in the leather care industry, and after a lot of trial and error and countless batches, they have finally found the perfect recipe for ultimate leather care. Their products use only the highest-quality ingredients from the Pacific Northwest - no chemicals or additives, just what nature already provides.

Coming from a farming background where it was the norm to start helping at a young age, it was only natural that Luke would grow up heavily involved in the family business. Bryan and Luke's belief in their own products is self-evident, and knowing that they are creating exceptional products drives them to greet each day with big goals and great ambitions. So if you are looking for the best leather care products out there, good news ... they also happen to be all-natural, and come with Bryan and Luke's experience and passion for excellence.