About Bahadir

My name is Bahadir Alphan from Turkey. I am a jewelry designer and goldsmith. My brother Barbaros (who runs the store and ateliers in Turkey) and I inherited everything from our father, Guven Alphan. He is one of the oldest goldsmiths in Turkey and is now retired except for helping us, and training new jewelers through college courses and in our atelier (

In 2006 I had the opportunity to move to NY and become the store manager of GILAN Boutique ( on Fifth avenue. I helped sales as well as dealing with very important clients in both the East and the West coast. I organized lots of events, trunk shows in the store as well as in key venues in Beverly Hills, Dallas, Chicago, and NY. I also curated mentions and appearances at important hotels, mansions, and the Oscars.

In March 2011 I was asked to head the Istanbul headquarters, and that is when I decided to take my leap of faith. I respectfully declined the offer and launched my own collection.

Since then I have been creating vintage-style jewelry, many of them custom pieces, for clients all over the world. I design almost everything here in my Manhattan atelier, but the hand-carving and the antique stone settings are done in our Istanbul and Izmir Ateliers. These processes involve intricate, painstaking techniques that cannot be done here in the US. The end result is something that can not be matched by mass-produced, "brand-name" jewelry.