BLACKJACK - Customizable Ruby and Black Diamond Designer Ring

Weight: 1.55ct RUBY
3.85 cts of Black Diamonds
18K gold, Silver, Enamel and hand engraving work.
Size: Approx. 20mm in diameter
One And Only Jewelry is the fruit of detailed design and offers you the opportunity to customize some elements.
(Item: US-BA-ONO001)

The Blackjack Customizable Ring is the ring that embodies a lot of the designer’s character and preferences. The black diamonds paired with the dark red ruby embody the designer’s sense of aesthetics and simplicity and confer the ring a cloak of mystery. This cloak is also a symbol of protection and pragmatism which could characterize love for family and a clear compass in decision making.

While mass produced jewelry is dominated by clear or lightly colored diamonds, choosing black diamonds, which can be just as valuable as clear diamonds, shows a desire to stand out from the crowd in a way that makes a striking statement. The Blackjack is for the confident.

Tiny clear diamonds are there for contrast and to let a little shine grace the composition. The number of gemstones and their small sizes make full use of the infinitely detailed work of the skillful stonesetter in Izmir (Turkey), something that seemingly no one in the United States is able or willing to do. This sets the ring even farther apart from common jewelry.

The band of the BLACKJACK is carefully engraved by hand with a floral motif except where the evil eye and the golden engraved symbol are embedded. These are the two features that can be customized. The evil eye is an enamel component that reminds us of a piece of murrina (round bead of Murano glass) and that is said to be able to defend you from negative feelings. As to the other feature, in this version of the ring the Designer chose to depict Rah, the ancient Egyptian solar deity. You can customize these two features. You will work with Marcopoloni and Baharra Design House to come up with the ring that is right for you.

The ensemble is elegant and powerful. It attracts and repels at the same time as the mystery of the unknown tickles our curiosity, but the fear of the unknown causes us to stay away. Since our personalities are hardly an open book, the predominance of black is an invitation to discover our innermost qualities and the possibilities that they hold. This seems to be an invitation to a journey as black also conceals so discovering those qualities is going to take time.

1.55ct RUBY
3.85 cts of conflict-free Black Diamonds
18K gold, Silver, Enamel and hand engraving work.

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