AMABILE - Murano Glass Decorative Vase with Murrine Millefiori

Size: Approx.13.5" H x 9" W x 9" D

Master Imperio Rossi's Murrine Millefiori products are a mosaic of small "murrina" beads. These beads are made from colorful tubes of glass sliced to reveal beautifully intricate patterns. When you admire a genuine Murano glass artwork created by Maestro Rossi, you can see and feel a thousand years of tradition and mastery come to life.

(Item: IT-IR-MP7R)

These Murrine Millefiori decorative vases are hand-blown in Murano, Italy by Maestro Imperio Rossi.

Each glass bowl is certified with the Vetro Artistico® Murano mark, which guarantees it as having been made on the island of Murano using traditional techniques of Master Muranese glassmakers. It also bears the signature of Master Rossi, its creator.

GIOIA - Murano Glass Decorative Bowl with Murrine Millefiori
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