We're just a couple of ordinary folks
who happen to believe that
True Artisanship is

What is True Artisanship ?
And Why Are We
So In Love with it?

  • Soul
  • Responsibility
  • Quality
  • Connectedness
Why are we in love with true artisanship? We have listed four reasons. Click on one of the tabs to the left to find out more.
There is handmade. And then there is handmade by artisans who pour everything they've got into their creations: their pride, love, and passion -- and a good dose of blood, sweat, and tears, too. The soul of their creator lives on in these products ... and will speak to you, if you only listen.
Gianni's leather-crafting peers used to laugh at him for using the same expensive leather used by the top luxury shoe brands to make keychains. Undeterred, Gianni pressed on. And guess who has the last laugh? We do! Because we get to experience Gianni's unique creations - a result of his uncompromising standards in raw materials, a genuine passion for leather, and more than 30 years of experience loving what he does. True artisanship is quality you can not only see, but also feel, smell, experience, and absolutely indulge in.
An artisan that inspires us is one that knows his place in the world. They have unwavering respect for their craft, for humanity, and for the Earth that we all share. With this respect comes a strong sense of responsibility, which manifests itself at every turn -- from the materials chosen and production methods used, to the kindness and dignity with which they treat their fellow man.
When you hold a work of true artisanship in your hands, it transports you to a different place and time. Knowing where it comes from - how it was made and by whom - also connects you to the artisan and his/her land, culture, and history. In short, artisanal products that inspire us also make the world a smaller place.

Sure, these amazing products tend to cost more...
But lucky for us, there is an abundance of cheaper

Just the fine print. Please do NOT click.
  1. Hidden cost resulting from lack of durability not included.
  2. Hidden cost of using lower quality materials not included.
  3. Hidden cost of poorer craftsmanship not included.
  4. Hidden cost of using underpaid workers not included.
  5. Hidden cost of the environmental impact of manufacturing products in less-regulated countries not included.
  6. Hidden cost of using production methods that are harmful to humans and the environment not included.
  7. Hidden cost of losing generations-old traditions in craftsmanship not included.
  8. Hidden cost of contributing to the use-and-dispose culture not included.

We are Marcopoloni.

Where the fake,
the uninspiring,
the disposable,
the soul-less,
the unethical,
and the canned-made
will not be allowed to enter.
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