Ty What: Beaded Gem Accessories
Hometown: , Hawaii

About Ty

... From Exotic Oahu, HAWAI'I

This is O'ahu, Ty's home. Ahh ... Paradise! The blue skies and turquoise waters seem to add a touch of magic to her vibrant collection of handmade jewelry.

How She Got Started

Ty's jewelry-making began as a sort of stress-reliever ... while attending law school in Washington, D.C. (Law school? Stress? I don't see why ...)

"I would design and make jewelry for myself and for friends. I used to go shopping and see something I like, but then think, if only it didn't have this or that and instead had something else. By making my own pieces, I was able to make it exactly how I wanted it. I then started making jewelry to match specific dresses, etc. and liked the idea that nobody else would have the same exact piece."

Ty took advantage of her time off - waiting for her bar exam results - to start selling some of her jewelry pieces.

Ty is a full-fledged attorney now, working for the State of Hawaii, but she still continues to enjoy making jewelry in her spare time. She travels all over the world to procure the beads to be used in her jewelry ... New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and even Thailand and China. Ty's jewelry can be found in local boutique stores in Hawaii, and she also does custom pieces for weddings as well.

... And, by the way, after a long day's work, this is the kind of sunset she gets to enjoy year-round:

… Am I jealous?? You bet!