One-of-a-Kind Stained Glass Accessories by Juri

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One-of-a-Kind items! All of Juri's creations are truly one-of-a-kind … no two will be exactly alike! Juri uses beautifully-colored stained glass, unique curves, and most of all playful creativity to bring life to each pendant. No two pieces are exactly the same - each pendant is meticulously created by hand from start to finish.

Kathryn Bertine* says:
"These glass necklaces are so unique, I've never seen them anywhere else. They are perfect for people who like low-maintenance jewelry but also like to dress up their casual look."
*Kathryn is a renowned author of All the Sundays Yet to Come, and in a frequent buyer of Juri's Stained Glass Pendants!

>> Add a Sterling Silver chain to any pendant for only $4.00!!
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