One-of-a-Kind Dangle Necklaces with Beads and Shells

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(Item: JP-JR-BSN)

Wonderfully unique necklaces with a cluster of beads and shells that dangle from a chain.
Regardless of your body type, these necklaces compliment your neck and chest area by accentuating the vertical lines.

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Customer Reviews

Review for One-of-a-Kind Dangle Necklaces with Beads and Shells

- By Kathryn,
These glass necklaces are so unique, I've never seen them anywhere else. They are perfect for people who like low-maintenance jewelry but also like to dress up their casual look.
**Kathryn Bertine is a renowned author of All the Sundays Yet to Come, and she has purchased several of Juri's Stained Glass Pendants!**