Our Week 2 Giveaways: La Cuoieria and Yoshioka-san

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Ten Year Anniversary Celebration: Week 2, Day 8

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Beltrami Campomaggi Vertical Tote Latte

Beltrami Vertical Tote by Campomaggi, #8

It’s Hard to Tell

Without an employment report published for September it is hard to tell how things are going. My sense was, and still is, that things were beginning to get better, and by that I mean that the economy was finally taking a step in the right direction towards the goal of solid economic growth–which is still far away–after months of stagnation triggered by the Bernanke announcement.

It is also possible that we will never get to that stage in this business cycle that began almost six years ago. Yet this cycle might be particularly long because the economy might never sustain a growth rate greater than 3%. As of today, I have to also keep believing that some people in Washington will not let us come near to a debt default because if that were to happen none of this discussion would even matter.

Roma Is Unbelievably Good

After seven games played Roma (21) has won seven games, scored 20 goals and allowed just 1 (in a 3-1 victory). On Saturday Roma beat Inter (14) in Milan and proved that it can handle any team, anywhere, even one with some aspirations. Next week Roma plays Napoli at home, the only other team with concrete championship ambitions. Should Roma lose or tie, then the race will be deceptively open and Napoli will look like an equal favorite. I think that the chances of that happening are small, yet the ball is round and if Napoli tied at home against Sassuolo anything can happen. By this I mean that I wouldn’t be surprised if Roma’s first misstep were to come next Sunday.

Napoli (19) won 4-0, Juventus (19) beat Milan 3-2 in convincing fashion for a change, Verona (13) climbed into fifth place after a 4-1 victory in Bologna. Lazio (11) and Fiorentina (12) tied and fell to seventh and sixth place respectively.

Next week Juventus (who is in second place thanks to 4 referee points) plays Fiorentina in Florence. If it wins it will climb into second place and people will begin to forget its recent faux-pas. So next week Roma has a huge chance to distance the only two teams who are still close. Will it happen? I would like to keep things interesting.

Inter, instead, has gained just one point in two games: it is really starting to look like a second tier team which is dangerously getting ready to fall apart. It will be really interesting to see if Inter can go to Torino and come home with a win.

Milan with 8 points looks in disarray. I’ve seen them make crazy comebacks before, but they are 13 points behind after 7 games. It is beginning to look pretty unlikely.

My Snaplink and Daniele Saved The Day

The best feeling in the world is when you realize that the work that you do not only helps others, but it also helps you. I have fallen in love with many Marcopoloni products, but I’ve become inseparable with two of them: the SNAPLINK key chain and the DANIELE belt pouch

Chiara had just gone to the dentist and since the dentist is by our office she came by our office afterwards. But since she is full of life and questions it soon started looking to be pretty pointless to stay at the office. So we left and stopped by the grocery store on the way home. As I start making my way through the isles with Chiara sitting in the cart, I notice a wobbly head. So I quickly go to the coffee counter… no, just kidding. So I grab a couple more things as I try to rush out of there but by the time I get to the register she has fallen asleep, awakened, and asked me to hold her.

Fear not my daughter because daddy has been preparing for a moment like this for years! I go through the checkout and reaching for my wallet is a piece-of-cake one-handed task. Unbutton the Daniele, slide the wallet out, set it down, get the card out, slide it, and, whoohoo! The bill is under $50 so I don’t even have to sign.

DANIELE belt pouch

The DANIELE belt pouch prevents me from forgetting my essentials and keeps them within easy reach.

I push the cart to the car and reaching for the remote is a breeze with my Snaplink clipped on my belt loop. Unlock the car, open the door gently, accommodate Chiara on her seat and she says: “Thank you for carrying me all the way from the store daddy!”.

I sit in my seat and think: “I’m going to blog about this, and, for once, it will be good!”

Snaplink Key Chain in Espresso

The Snaplink leather key chain can save you from zombies AND really help you out day to day.

Ten Year Anniversary Celebration: Day 3

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Our Week 1 Giveaways: La Cuoieria and Campomaggi

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Ten Year Anniversary Celebration: Day 1

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Roma Looks Unstoppable

Roma won its sixth game in a row and is definitely claiming the right to be considered the favorite for the championship. Napoli and Juventus also won, while Inter, Fiorentina, and Lazio tied. Milan finally won. While Roma and Napoli won convincingly (Roma beat Bologna 5-0 and Napoli won at Genoa 2-0), Juventus won a derby against Torino 1-0 thanks to an offsides goal that should have been taken back. That’s two more points gifted by the referees to Juventus, and the total stands at 4 so far this season. I almost wonder if Moggi is roaming the referee dressing rooms again.

Inter tied but played a pretty good game. It scored first and was caught by a shot that was deflected. Though it was unlucky, it feels that a championship candidate would have brought home the full three points.

Roma has won all six matches, including a difficult one against Lazio. Its next match is at S. Siro against Inter. Some say that this is going to be the first real test for Roma. I disagree. Napoli is the only test for Roma, and maybe Juventus if it starts to live up to its potential. Inter, realistically, will only hope not to get crushed and hope in a tie. If Inter surprises and demonstrates to be a top-three contender, then this is going to be a very interesting championship. Otherwise, my prediction is for Roma to win the scudetto, followed by Napoli and Juventus. Inter will be a fairly distant fourth with Fiorentina, Lazio, and Milan at its side.

Sailing Into Fiscal Headwinds

In my last post, I said that the Fed made the right decision because the economy has been weak this quarter and it is going to face some fiscal headwinds. By fiscal headwinds I was really envisioning the debilitating debate in Washington over the debt ceiling. I should have been more specific and called it theatrical headwinds. Although it is easy to think that the government shut-down will be averted or at least short-lived, the specter of a threat of government default pushed to the very last minute is all too real. The other thing that worries me is that this discussion could lead to the third round of fiscal tightening in the span of less than a year. I don’t care how well people think the economy is doing: if you keep on throwing water on the fire it will begin to extinguish.

So, if rising interest rates are damping the housing recovery and uncertainty is sapping consumer confidence (at a five month low) is there any reason for optimism? Is the better growth for the second half of the year that economist have been forecasting going to materialize? The answer is yes and no. I think that there is a signal that is pointing to a pickup, eventually, in employment: the drop in jobless claims that has been remarkable during the last month. Eventually this might lead to significant employment growth (at least 300,000 jobs added per month), but I am afraid that continuous fiscal tightening will prevent this from happening.

Economists are predicting 180,000 jobs added in September. I am willing to hope for 200,000 based on the Bernanke delay, the positive jobless claims, and the fact that a shutdown and a default have not yet materialized. If they are avoided, then we can start thinking about a real recovery taking hold.