Not enough cash upfront? Bill Me Later!

How many times have you gone shopping on when you come across THE perfect thing for you but you can’t quite afford it in full? Well, if you are a PayPal user, there is a program called Bill Me Later. How it essentially works is, you get a credit line approved by Comenity Capital Bank through PayPal and this all happens in merely seconds! Once you are approved, on orders $99 or more, you can make payments accordingly through your PayPal account over the course of six months. A huge benefit of the Bill Me Later program is that there are no annual fees and the only requirement is to have a PayPal account, which is absolutely free. Also, Bill Me Later often has promotional financing and offers available such as no interest periods and more. So, because Marcopoloni offers the PayPal method of payment, Bill Me Later will be available when your account gets approved! Keep in mind this option is only available for purchases of $99 or more. Take a look at the FAQs for more details and to enroll if you are interested!




My New Campomaggi Studded Bag

Daniele's new Campomaggi bag

Daniele’s new Galvani is a Campomaggi camouflage canvas tote bag with distressed studs

I had been looking for a new Campomaggi bag for months because since I bought a bigger laptop, it did not fit in my Colombo very well. The thought of replacing my Colombo was rather unnerving because I thoroughly love that bag, but there were times when I tried to fit a the laptop, the table, the charger and something else and then taking the charger out would become messy and frustrating. The truth was that I needed a larger bag and I knew it.

I really like the way the Colombo hangs and its vertical shape. So when I saw the Galvani I was struck. The only thing that left me hesitant was that I was starting to think that I wanted a bag with large front pockets like the Santarelli or the Ferrandi. But there was something so appealing about the Galvani that I had to give it a try. It turns out that, for what I need to carry every day, the Galvani is plenty big. I put the charger on the bottom of the bag in front of the laptop and rest whatever else I need to carry on top of it or next to it. When I used the Colombo I would put the charger in the interior pocket, and that was what made it hard sometimes: there just wasn’t enough space.

What I got with the Galvani is the right amount of space (with a little extra for the occasional extra item to carry), a beautiful camouflage pattern that is to die for, two columns of distressed Campomaggi studs that I really, really love, and the ability to carry the bag cross-body or like a tote. I think that the look is rugged and masculine without forgetting to be plenty stylish. I love it, I give myself compliments every day!

Stocking up for the holidays!

Although we keep Murano glass products in stock year round, nothing feels like the holidays more than receiving a nice big Murano glass shipment! I’m sure you’ve all seen the beautiful Murano glass Christmas ornaments that we have available along with tumblers, cute animal figurines and more!

The showstopper of this shipment is the GOTO ARGENTO Murano glass tumbler. It  has been updated with a new look and it is even more stunning than before. The brilliant colors of the melted glass pieces, silver leaves and unique murrina decorates all around the exterior of the tumbler, coming together like a painting. What’s more amazing about the GOTO ARGENTO is the texture. You have the smoother areas where the glass pieces have melted completely, slightly more bumpy areas (a bit like drops of paint) where the glass pieces have only partially melted and of course, the “dimples” that have been created during the whole glass-blowing process.

Also included in this shipment is a Murano glass tumbler of my own! I received the GOTO SBRUFFO Murano glass tumbler in aqua and green and I have been thoroughly enjoying it. Rather than the glass pieces and murrina of the GOTO ARGENTO, the GOTO SBRUFFO features ribbons of colored glass layered around the tumbler. Depending on the color scheme you choose, you may get a tumbler with either gold or silver leaves embedded in the glass. Mine has silver leaves!






GOTO SBRUFFO in Aqua & Green





We Need Totti Back!

I have been silent for a few weeks as the birth of my son Marco has kept me away from soccer for a few weeks. Not much has changed except for a couple of things: Roma has tied the last two games without Totti in its lineup. And Juventus keeps on getting referee favors (penalty kick for a foul clearly outside the box and another offside goal) but then backs it up with more goals and such convincing victories that I can’t say that they did not deserve their victories (unlike in the previous two instances where the favors netted them four referee points). So, now, the 4 referee points gifted to Juventus are making a huge difference. Instead of Juve being in third place five points behind Roma (32) they are in second place just one point behind (31).

If Napoli (28) hadn’t lost 3-0 yesterday they could have cried foul. I still think that such an early goal in such circumstances can wipe off a team’s concentration. But by the second half they should have been able to muster a comeback if they were truly the stronger of the two teams. Juventus now is on a 4-victories streak that is very impressive.

Inter (25) and Fiorentina (24) are hanging on to their outsider spots with only Verona (22) hanging close to them to pose an immediate threat. Fiorentina had beaten Juventus 4-2 while Inter beat Verona, both victories came at home. Their championship chances seem very remote and even qualifying for Champions League ahead of Roma, Napoli, or Juventus seems out of the question.

Juventus-Roma is scheduled for six matches from now on 1/6/2014. By then, things might be completely different. Let’s hope Totti comes back and that he will help settle the question of who deserves to be at the top of this league.

Post-Celebration Thoughts and Announcements

During the entire month of October, we were celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary with giveaways, bestseller specials and promotional items. We want to thank you all for participating in the celebration and for your support over the past 10 years. Sadly, the celebrations have ended but we have one last announcement to make. Who are the winners of the Week 5 Giveaways?

Karen R. for a Mattia Brushed Leather Tablet Case in BLACK

Tracey for a Freccia Leather iPad Bag in ESPRESSO

CONGRATULATIONS! We will be contacting you shortly.

Although the celebration has ended, keep checking our blog and Facebook page for upcoming news for the holidays, new products and more!

Ten Year Anniversary Celebration: Day 31

Today is the last day of our Ten Year Anniversary Celebration and we want to thank you all for participating in this month long extravaganza! Finally, we have reached our #1 bestselling items and I can’t imagine anyone to be disappointed with what we are offering! Come take a look on our Celebrations Page for 10% off of amazing products like the SANTARELLI Rugged Italian Leather Briefcase! This offer is only good through Friday, November 1, 2013 at Midnight Pacific Time. This is your last chance to snag something awesome for 10% less!


SANTARELLI Rugged Italian Leather Briefcase by Campomaggi



Our Week 5 Giveaways: Campomaggi and Dionigi

This week will be our last week of celebrations, meaning this is the last giveaway we will be holding! Week 5′s giveaway is featuring a Campomaggi tablet case and a Dionigi iPad/tablet bag! As usual, we will be announcing and contacting the winners the following Wednesday so you all will have plenty of time to submit as many entries as you possibly can to win! Again, this is our last week of celebrations, so let’s finish it off with a bang! Before we start the Week 5 Giveaways, let’s see who our winners from Week 4 are!

The winners of the Week 4 Giveaways are:

Grigore D. for a Vitendino Silver Wall Hook

Lindsay M. for a Libro CD Case, color of her choice

Congratulations! We will be contacting you shortly!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



MATTIA Brushed Leather Tablet Case by Campomaggi

One lucky winner will be selected to win the MATTIA Brushed Leather Tablet Case in Black!


FRECCIA Leather iPad Bag by Dionigi

And the second lucky winner will get a chance to win a FRECCIA iPad bag in ESPRESSO!

Ten Year Anniversary Celebration: Week 5

We are down to Week 5–the final week–of our Ten Year Anniversary Celebration! The #2 bestsellers are amazing and definitely something you won’t want to miss out on. Check out our Celebrations Page for 10% off of our #2 bestselling items of all time! This offer is good through Wednesday, October 30, 2013, Midnight Pacific Time. Come grab yours before it’s too late!



LIRA Italian Leather Wallet with ID Window by Dionigi


We will be announcing the #1 bestsellers of all time on Thursday, so please check back!

Ten Year Anniversary Celebration: Day 24

Day 24 already? That means next week will be our last week of celebrations! Today is a day to celebrate our #3 bestselling items with a 10% discount. I would not miss out on this if I were you. Check out our Celebrations Page for the list of #3 bestsellers! This offer is good through Friday, October 25, 2013, Midnight Pacific Time. Hurry and grab yours before things start selling out!


#3, COLOMBO by Campomaggi

Next Tuesday, we will be announcing the #2 bestsellers! Stay tuned!


Our Week 4 Giveaways: Antartidee and Gianni

Week 4 Giveaways have arrived and the prizes are amazing this week! We are giving away a unique wall hook by Antartidee and the ever popular Libro CD case by Gianni! You all have a week to enter the giveaway and earn as many entries as you can to win one of these great prizes. We will be announcing the winners next Wednesday and posting the Week 5 giveaways. Next week–week 5–will be the last week of our Ten Year Celebration so don’t miss out on the opportunity to win a prize or two.

The winners of the Week 3 Giveaways are:

Crystal D. for a Paua Chunky Segmented Ring, size of her choice

Jane T. for a Volare Passport Cover, color of her choice

CONGRATULATIONS! We will contact you shortly!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


If you are the lucky winner of this awesome wall hook, this is exactly what you would get; a silver screw wall hook!


The winner of the LIBRO leather CD case will get to choose the color of their choice!