SAKAZUKI - Japanese Sake Set in Irabo Glaze

Size: Sake Bottle: 6.25"H, 2.75" Diameter at base
Sake Cups: 1.75"H, 2.25" Diameter

Dai's Irabo glaze ceramics capture the Japanese admiration for the imperfect and the withered. Entirely handmade in Takayama, Japan, these pieces age beautifully with use, as their texture smoothens and colors deepen.

Dai believes that the beauty of Japanese pottery comes from its "harmony with nature". In keeping with this philosophy, Dai does not compromise when it comes to selecting his ingredients, whether it be clay from a particular hill 20km away or ash that is produced naturally and locally. He also shuns all tools of mass production, even opting for the mechanically-operated wheel over its electronic counterpart.

(Item: JP-KT-SS-01)
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If you are interested enough in this sake set to read this description, you are probably not a novice when it comes to the art of sake appreciation. For this sake set is not meant to compete with the mass-produced "soul"-less sake sets that abound: it was handcrafted in Takayama, Japan by Dai Nagakura, using Koito Pottery's original, internationally acclaimed "Blue Irabo" glaze.

To better appreciate this sake set, we encourage you to read about Koito Pottery, Dai, and his philosophy on pottery.

The set comes with one sake bottle (tokkuri)and two sake cups (sakazuki). The more you use the sake cups and bottle, the smoother the texture will become, and the deeper and richer the colors will be.

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