RENZO - Leather Cuff Bracelet with Adjustable Buckle

Size: Approx. 16 5/8" long, 1.375" tall.

Marco's leather accessories boast a style that is rugged-chic, and possess a distinctly artisanal look and feel.

His accessories undergo a unique manufacturing process, where each item is dyed and distressed in its entirety after all the parts are put together. This technique (patented by Marco's Campomaggi brand) not only gives Marco's leather accessories their vintage, weathered look, but also makes each single piece really a one-of-a-kind work of art.

These key fobs and belts make a great companion to his signature distressed leather bags.


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(Item: IT-CM-DA28)

When you look at the Renzo, you can immediately tell that there is more to it than a plain leather cuff bracelet. In fact, it looks like it could belong to a gladiator! Gladiators don't need fancy studs or crystals. They need thick, durable, tough leather that will endure through the countless battles and training that occur on a daily basis. Its unique slotted design allows for a closer, more streamlined fit as the belt-buckle closure slides along the cuff. Representing strength and determination, the Renzo is definitely the bracelet to express that.

Please note that the PATENTED TREATMENT these bracelets go through guarantees that no two bracelets are exactly alike. Because each "skin" is unique in the way it absorbs color, stretches and shrinks, each finished bracelet is distinct in its color, tonality, and texture. The resulting shape and size may also vary slightly.

  • Handmade in Italy with 100% full-grain Italian leather, distressed to perfection
  • Unique slotted design allows room for belt-buckle closure to sit, creating a more streamlined look
  • Brass belt-buckle style adjustable closure
  • Seven belt holes - one size fits all
  • Unisex design

Name - .

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Customer Reviews

High quality, comfortable and easily adjustable

- By Diana, Arlington TX
I waited almost 6 months before buying this. I have three Campomaggi bags and I am always satisfied with the quality and style of this brand. This arm band is no exception. I would describe it as unisex. The number of holes would allow for adjustment for smaller or larger wrists. The leather is supple, as expected. I find it comfortable and have worn it almost every day.

beautiful and diverse

- By Cynthia, Conway MA
This leather cuff is so comfortable! Goes with everything. It is very easy to wear due to the adjustable buckle. I have a small wrist and it fits great and is nice and light even though it looks hardy. The layering in a lovely touch. I have received many compliments. It's going to be my" go with everything "piece.