Paua Round Koru Pendant and Earrings Set

Size: Earrings - Approx 3/4" diameter
Pendant - Small: Approx 3/4" diameter;
Large: Approx 1" diameter
These shell jewelry are made of genuine Paua - a type of abalone that can only be found on the coastline of New Zealand. Known to produce the most colorful shells of them all, the Paua shells are combined with the elegance of .925 sterling silver to make each piece a unique and remarkable work of art. (No two Paua shells are exactly alike … for this reason, the jewelry piece you receive may differ in pattern to those photographed here. If you would like to pick out the EXACT Paua jewelry piece you want to purchase, please contact us and we can send you a photo of what is available in stock to choose from.)

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(Item: NZ-SB-P15S)

'Koru' is a symbol that represents a native New Zealand fern shoot unfolding towards the light … it signifies the beginning of a new life.

This set combines our Round Koru Earrings with a matching Round Koru Pendant, available in two sizes.

Make it a gift by selecting the options that include a Sterling Silver Neckwire or a Black Cord as shown in the pictures or add a more casual silver chain of your choice for as little as $4!!

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