PEPERONCINO - Italian Leather Chili Pepper Keychain

Size: Approx 3"H x 1.25"W x 0.5"D
Gianni's leather miniature accessories are hand-crafted in Italy using premium vegetable-tanned Vacchetta leather and innovative applications of ancient stitching techniques. His unique designs are sure to bring a smile to gift recipients of all ages. The leather says "Eternally Classy", the inventive designs say "Unique", and the Italian origin says "Only the Best"!

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(Item: IT-GI-P325)

This chili pepper keychain is hot, hot, HOT!!
Add a little spice to your keys or purse with this unique, charming, and flavorful keychain carefully handcrafted in Italy from genuine Italian leather.

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Customer Reviews

Beautiful and unique

- By Matthew, Prague CZ
I was looking specifically for a chili-shaped keychain since it matches my company's branding. I was delighted to find this item since there don't seem to be a lot of other high-quality options. It is beautifully made and really cute. It was also no problem to have it shipped internationally.


- By Lee, Griswold CT
I purchased this for my husband's Mini key fob. He'd complained the other keychains either didn't fit the narrow opening in the fob end, or if they did fit, poked him when stuffed into his pocket. I saw he was carrying around just the fob and figured the likelihood of it being lost was much greater. (Black. Small. Overlooked on a restaurant table. Serious $$$ to replace. Etc.) So I took a chance on the Peperoncino. It's beautifully made, bright, is easily spotted on a counter or in a bag, is soft, so no risk of being poked (plus feels great in your hand) and the leather lanyard fits on the fob end with no need for the keyring. Also, he makes _excellent_ chili from scratch so...a perfect fit! He liked it as soon as it arrived and it's been in use ever since. (IHO it's a serrano.)

Review of PEPERONCINO Keychain

- By Anonymous, Cos Cob CT
I have purchased many keychains...sunflower, flower, strawberry, butterfly, pepper and heart...have given them as gifts (except for mine) and everyone loves them...they are well made and terrific! I will order again too.

Review for PEPERONCINO - Red Chili Pepper Italian Leather Key Chain

- By Antonio, Gardena CA
Very happy with product, gift wrap and communication. Great customer service!