OCA BAMBINO - Handmade Ceramic Music Box, Baby Boy Climbing on Goose

Weight: 1 lbs. 0 oz. (0,45 Kg.)
Size: Exterior: Approx. "H x "W x "D
Interior: Approx. "H x "W x "D (tapers to "D at top)

Each music box is handmade and hand-painted in Italy by Sabatino, his wife Catia, and a small team of experienced craftsmen. Through these music boxes, Sabatino tells the story of their lives: from the birth of their children to the beautiful places they have seen - real or imaginary - and the wonderful memories they have created together.

Music boxes are full of history, and their beautiful music and movements are sure to fascinate. But most of all, music boxes can elicit joy in adults and children alike, evoke wonderful childhood memories, and fill one's heart with innocence and nostalgia. Sabatino and Catia invite you to a "daily dance" with their music boxes ... and hop on the carousel of life!

(Item: IT-LG-PO002)

What better place to take a nap than on the soft downy back of a very cozy goose? This whimsical handmade ceramic music box rotates gracefully to the music. Painted with an antique-style finish, the figurine is of a child and a very patient goose. The base (the part that does not rotate) is decorated with a delicate floral design. To operate, gently hold the figurine with one hand, rotate the base several times, set on a flat surface, and be transported back to your childhood! Features:

  • Entirely handmade and hand-painted in Italy
  • Ceramic music box of a baby boy climbing onto a goose
  • 18-note Sankyo movement plays Lullaby (Brahms)
  • Rotating music box: top portion with figurine rotates to music
  • Approx. 4.5" diameter base
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