ROSA - Hand-Molded Leather Rose Cell Phone Charm with Dust Plug Attachment

Size: Approx. 1.25" diameter x 0.5"

Gianni hand-molds each leather rose, petal by petal, using a unique technique that was inspired by the ancient manufacturing process of Venetian theatre masks. See how Gianni explains this in his own words!  Watch video.

The leather used is vegetable-tanned Vacchetta leather with natural grains and wrinkles, resulting in variations in tonality. It's beauty and patina will grow with age and use. The leather says "Eternally Classy"', the inventive designs say "Unique"', and the Italian origin says "Only the Best"!

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(Item: IT-GI-CE842)

This leather rose cell phone charm was handcrafted in Italy through an innovative application of ancient mask-molding techniques. Attach it to your cell phone and it will brighten up your mood every time you pick up your phone!

Comes with a dust plug that easily attaches the charm to iPhones and other headphone jacks.

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