FRECCIA - Leather iPad Bag

Weight: 1 lbs. 11oz. (0,77 Kg.)
Size: Exterior: Approx. 9.25"W x 10.25"H x 2.5"D
Interior: Approx. 9"W x 10"H x 1.75"D
These stylish bags have unisex appeal and make great gifts. Each leather bag is carefully crafted by hand in Cava de' Tirreni, Italy. Vincenzo and his small team of leather craftsmen at Dionigi are proud to be in a workship that carries a tradition of over 70 years. These folks don’t believe in mass-production - in fact, they deliberately limit their production to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction. Only the best raw materials, the best designs and the best craftsmanship are good enough to create a Dionigi product.
SALE! $153.30
(Item: IT-DN-747IP)

Most iPads get to follow their owners on exciting excursions, but only a lucky few get to travel in style. iPads not only wish to be spared from rubbing shoulders with pens and keys ("they're so abrasive!"), but also secretly wish to be adorned with Italian leather.

"The FRECCIA is how I like to cruise: smooth ride, comfortable interior, and sleek Italian design. It's my dream come true."

Men and women who are sensitive to the needs of their beloved iPads have found that the FRECCIA Leather iPad Bag satisfies those needs--and it even makes them look smashing too.

The FRECCIA's full grain vegetable tanned leather and Italian craftsmanship stand out in the eyes of the leather bag connoisseur. Inside, the compartment for the iPad (or netbook, or e-Reader) is padded in both the front and the back to protect against bumps and scratches. With your precious iPad tucked away, there is still room for a handful of other things like your wallet, keys, a journal or book. On the outside, it has two zippered pockets that allow for secure storage of travel documents and receipts.

About the Leather:

This bag is made of 100% vegetable-tanned Tuscan leather with its unique surface and unmistakable aroma. Please note that this type of leather contains characteristic grains, wrinkles, tonal variations, and small blemishes which are preserved to maintain the leather's natural beauty, rather than being buffed away to create an artificially even surface.

  • Handmade entirely in Italy with genuine Italian leather
  • Flap with magnetic button closure for easy access
  • Zippered pocket on the flap
  • Zippered pocket in the back
  • Two open slots behind the flap for pens/phones/accessories
  • Lightly padded interior
  • Two small interior accessory pockets
  • Padded sleeve can hold an iPad, netbook or e-Reader up to 8.75"W x 9.75"H x 1.25"D
  • Center leather strap with button closure to secure your iPad in place
  • Comfortable shoulder strap, adjustable in length from 31"-57"
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Customer Reviews

Very happy!

- By Anjula, Yuba City CA
Just received the bag today and it is very nice. I am very happy with it.

Review of the FRECCIA iPad Bag

- By Nancy, Moultrie GA
I love it! I'm a real leather fan and I don't like trying to decide if a product is the real thing or not! Your product is not debatable. One can definitely see, feel and "smell" it's authenticity! I would recommend this Freccia iPad bag to anyone looking for a good quality leather bag with good looks and just enough room for the necessary without being too large and bulky.

This is It!

- By John, Canton MI
Finally, an iPad bag with style and functionality. I've been searching for the perfect iPad bag and this is It! I've carried my iPad in this Marcopoloni bag while casually dressed in jeans and while dressed in a suit and received many compliments. This bag does not even compare to the cheap and inferior stuff being sold out there. The authentic Italian leather and exceptional quality construction sets this apart from the other bags I've seen out in the market. This is like a Ferrari, made in Italy by skilled Italian craftsmen. It is not cheap but it is undeniable quality. I own several other "iPad" bags and this is clearly now my favorite and I use it everyday because it is so fashionably versatile. The functionality of this bag is symbiotic with the minimalistic idea of the iPad and other Apple products. It is sleek and modern, and it is devoid of any unsightly bulk. Other companies making accessories for Apple products just simply do not understand this important point. Marcopoloni went out of their way to listen to their customers and delivered a product that I can personally recommend. Realistically, you will not be able to fit the kitchen sink in this bag. This is not that type of bag. However, if you are a minimalist like me, you will be able to have room for your iPad and plenty of other essentials. How you place your things inside the bag and which pockets you use is up to your personal preference. I'm using this bag pretty much every day and I usually carry the following: iPad in a leather case made by SENA (I wish Marcopoloni would make a case); my wallet with credit cards, ID's, cash, and coins; a small notebook; pen and pencil; iPad charger; iPhone and Blackberry; keys. Additionally, I just returned from an overseas trip and I also carried my passport, and boarding passes (folded) inside the easily accessible back zippered pocket. Going through airport security was a breeze. I had everything in the bag and just placed it on the tray for security screening. Every new product usually needs improvement. After carrying the bag almost every day, I think the shoulder strap can be improved. I was dismayed that the shoulder strap is not made of leather. I had a minor problem with the strap sometimes getting twisted where it is secured by the metal buckle. I'm concerned with the durability of the strap and it is already a little frayed. Other than this minor issue, this is an awesome bag and the Marcopoloni customer service is simply amazing. I give it five out of five stars.


- By LiQun, Shanghai Shanghai
The bag itself is well made, but I find it abit too small, can't really fit much into the bag and I dont carry alot of stuff with me usually, a wallet, cell phone, key pouch and a few small items. I guess it's how they design the bag, if you put your phone or wallet in the little pouches inside the bag, it kind of interferes with getting your stuff out from the main compartment.. And the belt, the nylon belt doesn't really go with the nice leather, why can't they do a leather belt, or even a nice think belt made out of fabric or soemthing...